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Industrial Case Study

Retrofit for Manufacturing Company

Kyodo will save $60,000 over the next five years.

Kyodo is a global manufacturer of high quality rubber and thermo plastic molds and parts. Because of its commitment to high quality, retrofitting its old lights to brighter LED lights made sense – the improved lighting allows employees to see more clearly as they assemble parts, and the improved lighting resulted in a safer working environment for the employees working with high-tech machines.

The Solution Was Simple

No initial investment made NeoBright Retrofits a no-brainer. We saved money from month 1!

In 1996 the company opened a 61,000 square foot facility in Lawrenceville, just outside of Atlanta, GA.  This facility used over 300 fluorescent lights of different kinds, including high bays, can lights, and tube lights.  These lights were replaced with energy efficient LED lights, saving $33 per light fixture each year in energy costs.  Because of the longer life of the LED lights, Kyodo’s maintenance costs also went down.  It eliminated the expense and danger of employees changing the lightbulbs above its manufacturing facility.

The NeoBright team worked around Kyodo’s hours so that production wasn’t impacted.  Kyodo employees noticed the difference immediately – not only was the light better, but the LEDs were much cooler so the facility became a more comfortable place to work.

“My employees immediately
felt the difference.
It felt like a fog had been lifted”

Happy, Productive People

The brighter LED lights made it easier for Kyodo stay true to its commitment to high quality at the best prices.  The manufacturing facility became brighter, safer, and more cost-efficient.  Not only that, but it was an environmentally friendly decision, too.  As an international company, Kyodo’s easy transition to LED with NeoBright made a difference on a global scale.

“Our employees handle complex equipment.
With better lighting our workspace is a safer place”