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Office Case Study

Retrofit for Alpharetta Office & Warehouse

Docufree is saving 55% on their light bill.

Docufree is a provider of electronic document solutions for an impressive list of over 1,000 clients.  Its national operations center is a high tech command center that monitors secure transfers of confidential documents and scans the information into digital files.  However, its lighting was dim, outdated, and not energy efficient.


NeoBright Office Energy Audit

The Process was Simple.

After performing a survey of Docufree’s current lighting and assessing its needs, NeoBright recommended retrofitting the old fluorescent tube lights with high output energy efficient LED lights. Five types of light fixtures were needed for the different areas of the building, including a warehouse, production floor, training room, and offices.  In addition to improving the quality of light, these recommendations would reduce maintenance costs and would save over $20,000 in energy expenses each year.

“Docufree is on track to
save over $20,000 in energy
expenses every year.”

Happy, Productive People

Our employees couldn’t believe how different the office looked and felt.
One woman even said she didn’t need to wear her glasses while she worked!

In less than one week, NeoBright installed the new lighting system in Docufree’s entire production facility and offices without disrupting production, which is important because Docufree’s operations run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The process was easy for Docufree, and its employees immediately noticed a difference in the light quality.  One employee said that she stopped using her reading glasses because the light was so much better!  The thermostat wars also ended. Previously, employees at Docufree complained about being hot. But after the old heat-producing fluorescent lights were taken out, employees were much more comfortable.

As part of its initiative to provide excellent customer service, NeoBright determined that Docufree was eligible for a rebate from the utility company.  NeoBright filled out the paperwork and Docufree received a rebate of almost $4,000 without any effort.

Docufree saved money in maintenance and energy costs, and even received a rebate after partnering with NeoBright.

“Going green really pays off!”