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Retail Case Study

Retrofit for Roswell Boutique Clothing Store

Honey Butter is saving almost 60% on their light bill.

Honey Butter is a women’s clothing store that helps its customers look fabulous while helping at-risk women around the world.  When the mother-daughter team opened Honey Butter, they needed an easy lighting solution that would create the right ambience for shoppers – lighting that wasn’t too dim, harsh, blue, or yellow.  NeoBright had the experience to help.

The Process Was Simple

As an LED expert in the retail industry, NeoBright recommended a lighting system that would incorporate targeted colors and directional lighting to maximize the shopping experience.  Warm white LEDs were recommended to create an impression of intimacy and safety, which has been shown to increase the amount of time and money customers will spend in a store. Accent lighting was added to create visual interest and to highlight certain products.  An added benefit of LEDs in retail is that they don’t bleach out the colors in fabric over time!

“The difference was night & day! The clean, pure LED light gave my store an instant upgrade…”

Instant Upgrade for a More Welcoming Space

“And my customers love the way they look in the mirror trying on clothes!”

After the LED lights were installed, Honey Butter couldn’t have been more pleased.  The lights were perfect for the space, making customers feel more comfortable and attracting them to products and displays.  The lighting was so good that Honey Butter now photographs products there for its online store and clothing subscription service.  And the best part – the new LEDs cut the energy bill in half!  Not only did the LED lights use less energy, they also put out less heat than the old bulbs, reducing the energy used by the air conditioner.  And now Honey Butter’s artisan soaps aren’t at risk from melting under the old spotlights!

Working with NeoBright did more than reduce costs for Honey Butter.  With NeoBright’s expert advice, they were able to turn their store into a more beautiful and modern space.

“The clean, pure LED light gave my store an instant upgrade…everything looks crisp & new!”